Launch Pad Mix Sessions Old School Edition – special contests

If you can guess the tracklist, I will give you my latest beatport exclusive mix, and 2 bootleg tracks for free. I do not need exact titles, but artist and original track will suffice. Deadline is Thanksgiving. AT which point I’ll announce the winner and the track listing. Email with your guess.

Launch Pad Mix Sessions Trance Edition Volume 2

1. April – Schodt 2. Vice – 7 Skies 3. Penumbra – Linnea Schossow, Bilal El Aly 4. Sun Went Down Feat. Archngl (DJ Tarkan Instrumental Remix) – Moonbeam, ARchngl 5. Summer Days (Michele Cecchi) – Ciro Visone 6. Galapagos (Hanski Remix) – Gallagher, Lan & Palagano 7. Laika (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) – Solarity 8. Absynthe – Arty 9. Seldarine – Elfsong 10. Never Let Me Go (Beat Service Remix) – LTN 11. Elusive – Read More