Tim Hilke

Ovalice (Tim Hilke) has been involved in the electronic dance music subculture since the early 90’s. He first started in the scene as the Co-Founder of an artist management company in Washington DC called 5″ Taint, which managed local and internationally known DJ’s. 5″ eventually changed its name to State-Side Productions and became one of the best known production companies in the area, hosting 3 weekly events that attracted some of the largest names in the industry.

Brother Bliss

Brother Bliss

My musical journey started as rebellion. Growing up in middle class suburbia in Hampshire, the most extreme creativity I was exposed to was probably Axel F, but more regularly consisted of The Shadows and pop groups.

I led a sheltered life musically, feeling it was none of my business. Then the UK rave scene happened.

Jason Gage


Jason Gage blasted into the dance music scene and began instantly proving himself as a true entertainer by quickly becoming a nightclub and party favorite wherever he went. He was first influenced by house music as a dance enthusiast in the DC club scene around the early 90’s. When he found the more energetic, underground sound of electronic dance music, he knew he had found his passion.



After falling in love with EDM in the Washington DC rave scene of the mid-late 90’s, Ryan Walker bought his first set of turntables in ’99 and began spinning drum n bass, taking up the moniker SkekTek.
Having played at clubs and house parties throughout the DC area, SkekTek moved to Nashville at the end of 2005. Since then, his style has expanded to include dubstep, drumstep, electro, glitch hop, and moombah. If it has a nasty bassline and makes you shake your ass, chances are SkekTek plays it.