Brother Bliss

Brother Bliss


“My musical journey started as rebellion. Growing up in middle class suburbia in Hampshire, the most extreme creativity I was exposed to was probably Axel F, but more regularly consisted of The Shadows and pop groups.

I led a sheltered life musically, feeling it was none of my business. Then the UK rave scene happened. A walkman was passed round the playground of an MC and DJ (Rat Pack) at a rave called Fantasia.

That was it for me, one big “fuck you conservative Britain!” I was alive for the first time in my life.

The next 10 years has been spent in warehouses, fields, clubs and festivals; living the people, the music and the scene. It was during this time I visited the house of a school friend with an older brother who had ‘decks’. DJ Trigga was a fine role model and great person to learn the art from. His professional, calm nature gave me the skills I still mix by today. He taught me the importance of understanding vinyl, how it moves, how to control it and why it is an art form. Through DJing all types of music I finally found my home with house music and bringing my mixes to the people.”

Inspiration and Style:

I love remixing other artists and have had the honour to work with some amazing vocals from Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Will Young and many more. The best remixes I have done tend to be the ones where I don’t listen to the original first….sounds strange but that gives me the chance to make something completely different.

Most of my production is designed for DJ’s, to make the track flow as a long mix and to give big changes to cut with. I love big melodies and synth sections with orchestral influences so I guess that comes into it. I spent many hours rocking out on dance floors over the years and think I know what a crowd wants to hear from both sides of the decks.

– DJ Brother Bliss