Tim Hilke

Ovalice (Tim Hilke) has been involved in the electronic dance music subculture since the early 90’s.  He first started in the scene as the Co-Founder of an artist management company in Washington DC called 5″ Taint, which managed  local and internationally known DJ’s.  5″ eventually changed its name to State-Side Productions and became one of the best known production companies in the area, hosting 3 weekly events (Stereo, Vision (which became a breakbeat weekly called Volume) and Gravity Blue) that attracted some of the largest names in the industry.  He also hosted two internet radio shows, Tainted Radio and Schitzophonic Radio. In 2005, State-Side disbanded and Tim moved to Nashville where he collaborated with local noted DJs on several weeklies and one-offs.

In 2007, Tim heard his calling and entered into the United States Army as an officer, and ever since has been living and creating around the globe while fulfilling his military duties.  Tim is a proven success in the business world, a well loved DJ, a Passionate husband and father of 4, and a Combat proven Leader.

As a DJ, Ovalice (pronounced Of Alice) has played for crowds all over the United States since the mid 1990’s, and now Germany.  His hard driving and eclectic progressive house/trance sounds have been quoted as being “trance that drum-n-bass heads love”. He has been featured in several magazine interviews by 128andup magazine which focuses on Progressive House, Trance, and Techno.  Ovalice is currently working on several collaborative efforts such as Vinylwerks, Tantric, and Schitzophonic.  His latest effort is a project called “The Launch Pad” which is a perching point for several artists.  The Vinylwerks’ collaboration resulted in being signed by Fuzion Four Euro.  They released a mix compilation entitled “Fuzion Four Euro Defined:  Volume 1” which reached number 8 on the trance charts.  Ovalice has a weekly podcast entitled “The Launch Pad Mix Sessions”.

As a producer, Ovalice is still in the fledgling stages of his experience.  He focuses primarily on progressive house tracks more geared towards lounge and deeper sounds of progressive.  In 2013 he was signed to EML Recordings for his initial releases.